Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Teeth and Boogers and Other Fun Stuff

no one told me how much fun having a sick toddler was.  i didn't know about the new scream that comes along with it or the rage over the drop of an m&m or the... maybe it's what having a 16 months old is like and not even the sickness or teething?

my exact words to eric this morning "i hope this ends soon and that it does turn out to be the teething and sickness because i don't want a crazy kid" (he said he doesn't think i'll have a crazy kid BUT i'm not as sure as he is + he's probably just being nice because things are still newish, you know?)

i got the bug at the end of last week and thought i had food poisoning, i was dying.  then everyone else in my family got it and it turned out to not be food poisoning at all.  as soon as that was over coopers nose started running like i should be at the gym right now and it's been nothing but the most fun we've ever had over here since then.

when i ask cooper if he wants something that isn't m&m's he yells "no!" at me.  and that's sad because a) 16 month old babies shouldn't know to be ugly like that yet b) he was just so sweet JUST the other day and c) change is hard.  I feel like the tantrum throwing, ugly, demanding, inpatient, screaming days are just beginning and someone should probably since some wine because it's looking cloudy over here.

the worst of it all? cooper was thee most difficult baby ever and then all of the sudden he was the best kid around and i was enjoying it so much for that really short amount of time that it was and now that it might possibly be gone i feel like it needs a proper mourning.  if eric's son wasn't such a dream of a child i might have to end this relationship because the thought of two kids right now (the same age) has me ready to jump off the nearest cliff.  kidding.  two coopers though? not kidding at all.  couldn't even handle it.

so here is where the teeth part comes in.  it appears as though cooper went from having nine teeth to fourteen over the past 48 hours and i know that must hurt but do you HAVE to bite the couch? the zipper on your sweater? the carseat? yourself? our neighbors dog (kidding again)? i'm giving him tylenol as much as not giving him liver damages permits and it's not helping.

it looks like i've whined enough.  i've got orders to sew (on top of orders to sew) (on top of orders to sew).  holla.

(my best friend is being induced with her second baby girl tomorrow.  YIP HIP YOORAY!)


  1. Have you thought of an amber teething necklace?

  2. So hard. I have a 26 month old who is getting his 2nd year molars so..... I feel your pain. But I've found that when my son is being "crazy" I have to stop and remind myself that he is growing up. It's their way of dealing with intense feelings and the desire for independence. So far, we've had spurts of sweet behavior and downright nasty behavior. But I figure it's all part of the ride. I'm sure Cooper will be back to his "normal" before you know it.