Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To you, 200

here's to you, 200.  200 sales.  200 LouLou Made sales, that is.  i dreamed about you in january when i took the plunge with all of my tiny amount of christmas money and got this thing going.  you see, i needed product samples to open shop, and cooper had needs that the christmas money needed to tend to, but somehow i met all the needs and got the baby fed and the shop started.  and then nothing really happened for four-ish months except for a blogger-pal Amy who was my first sale and then my aunt who was my second, and i was so thankful for their faith in me.  in the mean time i dreamed up pretty things and made pretty things and hoped that someone out there would decide to buy some of my pretty things, and then they did.  with each sale that i got, i got more sales.  people like to buy from shops that have sales, i get that because i'm the same way.  i want to see that you are reputable.  i want to see that your customers like your work so much that they are going to take the time to leave a heartfelt review, you deserve it sister, that kind of thing.  so here we are, i hit 200 sales last night and quite literally did a happy dance and then shared big smiles and a kiss from eric (who is one of my hugest supporters right now which is a) so needed and b) so appreciated). i know 200 isn't a lot, but in may i only had a handful so it feels like a lot to me.  200 sales is days and days worth of work.  i spend so many hours with everything i make and put my heart and love into each piece.  i get a rush thinking that my products make up your nursery.  you put your sweet and freshly bathed babe on my sheets and that right there is why i do this.  i like pretty things but i like happy babies and happy mamas way more.  

i will be having a celebratory giveaway very soon that i hope you will help spread the word about.

i am excited for the next 200 sales.  

i am excited for this little business that keeps my baby in his home. 

i am beyond grateful for every customer who puts their faith in me to create something timeless and beautiful for them.

thank you. 

and hey, 200 sales! sweeeeet!   

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  1. So happy for you! And so proud of you! This is only the beginning. :)