Wednesday, December 4, 2013


coopers beside me yelling "coopa no!" so this is probably going to be quick + to the point.

the past week and a half have pretty much been a huge mess with my dad being in the hospital and then cooper getting extremely sick.  thanksgiving didn't happen for out family but it did for erics and it was so fun to be with them.  their thanksgivings are a mix of family, friends, and even some co-workers which is really the best kind, i think.  i've always been a "the more the merrier" type of gal.

loulou made had a bit of a slower month this past month but i am not complaining because i have gotten behind which has my anxiety through the roof.  with everyone being so sick i wasn't able to work much of last week and i have a big ball of guilt in my stomach for my patient customers who are probably tired of being patient at this point.

eric, cooper, and i went out to a few stores thanksgiving night and then a couple more on black friday but didn't really score big deals anywhere except old navy.  you can't get much better than 50% off everything.  i really hated the idea of stores and sales being on thanksgiving because i'm all about traditions and they just went ahead and ruined the way black friday always is -- not cool.

school has just about wrapped up for the semester so maybe i'll be able to get around to updating coopers baby book that hasn't been touched since he was 12 months old.  i was so determined to stay on top of that darn thing, i think this is an appropriate time for a #momfail.

i'm jumping around here but i made a strawberry cobbler and corn casserole to bring to the thanksgiving feast and they both turned out really good.  i've been feeling all kinds of domestic lately and i like it real good.

it's time for a second haircut for cooper, to teach myself how to cut coopers hair, to get coopers pictures made with santa, to finally have us all well enough to go hangout with my best friend and her sweet new lexi (who i got to see be born!!!!), and to get a christmas tree.  it's december 4th and i don't have a christmas tree yet which is not okay.

// things coopers saying lately //

"hi santa! ho, ho, ho!"
"hold you" - hold me
"there you go" - whenever he wants me to give something to him
"hi mommy!" - whenever he wakes up from a nap and is ready for me to get him
"c'mon coopa"
"wow. uh oh" - whenever he hears a load noise
"excuse you" - when he burps or someone else does
"bless you" - when he sneezes or someone else does
"brrr cold outside" - when he first steps outside or looks out the window
"food!" - when he's hungry (or he will grab my finger and pull me towards the kitchen while saying "hungry")
"mommy go?" - where did mommy go? he will say this when wondering where anyone or anything went

and everything else that could ever be said because he never stops talking.

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  1. How cute are you guys? You are super mom. Hope both your Dad and Cooper are feeling better!