Monday, December 30, 2013

Dear Cooper // 17 Months

hi baby boy,

we're in this weird phase of you still needing me so much, yet also wanting to do everything by yourself.  it often ends with frustration on one or both of our parts but we're figuring it out.  it's hard to believe that we're already (well) in to your 17th month here but when i listen to you talk and watch you run around the house it's hard to believe that you're not even 1.5 yet.

i feel so amazed by you this month.  amazed at your heart, how kind and pure it is, you give so much love.  amazed by intellect, you are the smartest little thing.  amazed by your appetite, you will keep eating and eating and eating.  amazed by your fearlessness, you will climb on anything you can get your little self up on to.  amazed by your need and love for sleep, when it's time to sleep this boy is going down.

+ some tid-bits:

it's still two naps for you most days but the transition to one seems to be happening i've noticed in the past couple of days.

you still nurse three times a day but i think we will be weaning soonish.  you won't drink regular milk, or almond milk, or soy milk, etc. so that makes me a little nervous.

for pants you wear 12-18 months and for shirts it's 18 months.  i can't believe you've finally caught up to your age.  you're so big now!

bed time is between 7-7:30 still and will be for as long as i can keep that really good thing going.

you almost always eat a whole grain blueberry waffle for breakfast with a side of fruit, it's your favorite.

+ a conversation:

mommy: "cooper you don't need to do that"
cooper: "yeah, don't do that"
mommy: "cooper i mean you, please stop doing that"
cooper: "yeah, stop that"

you say things like "cool dude" and "ahh spider!" all the time.  you love to clink cups and say "cheers!" with anyone within arms reach.  you always say "thank you mommy" whenever i do something for you and we're working really hard on saying "please".

+ other things:

you got the flu for the first time.  you got your second haircut and she totally did a botch job (i did a good job and didn't cry about it (very much) though).

i couldn't love you more today until it turns out that i do tomorrow.  i just love you more than ever.



  1. My nephew didn't take any sort of milk either… have you tried Horizon organic whole milk? It's a little more expensive but that stuff is super sweet - Hud really likes it! My sister was able to give my nephew his "milk intake" with those Yo Baby yogurts - they're near the go-gurt and other kid's yogurts, but they're made with whole milk and they have a bunch of flavors. Hud likes the blueberry, strawberry banana, peach and the sweet potato apple ones. They can get a little expensive (compared to what you get kurt of a gallon of milk), but if you're worried about him not having milk, it's a good way to make up for it!

    1. I do buy the Horizons organic whole milk and the Yo Baby yogurts!! Cooper won't drink the milk but I keep buying it and offering it! Since 12 months old he has always had at least one yo baby a day but just a couple weeks ago started refusing to eat them so I bought the Stoneyfield organic squeezable yogurts and he will eat those!