Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Some things just have to be done.  Taking advantage of every Santa opportunity is one of them.  Even if it is at the expense of your childs marbles.

Cooper most certainly lost his marbles.

Coopers ability to spot Santa is impeccable.  You would surely be impressed.  In fact, on Sunday at church he noticed the man that has been sitting behind us for years now that sports a big white beard (and happened to be wearing a red sweater) and declared "Santa!" again and again.  It was nothing short of a small miracle that he did not flip his you know what and ruin church for the whole congregation.  Back to the point of this post.  Last weekend we went to a breakfast with Santa.  Pay $5.00, eat some pancakes, take a picture with Santa, get a present from Santas workshop, the whole shabang.  We were only two steps in the door when Cooper spotted Santa and started screaming (no exaggeration) "bye Santa! no Santa!"  I figured it was best to get the picture out of the way first so we could enjoy our breakfast so that's what we did.  The line was about ten minutes long and the closer we got the louder the screams got and I was equal parts embarrassed and ashamed of myself for making him do this.  I went to put Cooper in his lap and he started flailing (Cooper not Santa) so I sat beside him and we called it done.

Cooper barely ate breakfast because he was too busy shaking and looking around for Santa.  Poor kid.  The pancakes were cold and the sausage was gross so he didn't miss out on much. 


How cute are Cooper and his bestie Addison? 


No more Santa pictures for my little guy.  Here's to next year not being so traumatizing!  

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  1. Bless his heart! I bet (and hope) he doesn't mind him so much next year! At least he looks adorable in his John John. ;)