Monday, December 9, 2013


The most appropriate title because I was ready for a tree the day after Thanksgiving, or really one week into November, but there weren't any real trees to be bought then so I relented to the day after Thanksgiving.  And then the day and week after Thanksgiving passed and still no tree so we got on that ish this past weekend. Now I'm filled to the brim with Christmas spirit and everything feels pretty magical a la casa Booska/Nash! 

Eric (and Harrison and Cooper) deserve a medal.  I'll just go ahead and say that finding the perfect Christmas tree is no easy task.  It involves a lot of looking and tree spinning and tree fluffing and all of that important stuff.  I think my tree critiquing rubbed off on him because by the 20th tree he was saying things like "too dead at the bottom" and "this one is shaped weird".  I thought we might not find one (oh the tragedy!)  but then we did.

It should be noted that there is something morally and ethically wrong with getting a Christmas tree from Home Depot.  Growing up we trudged through feet of snow up and down aisles and aisles of trees to find the perfect one and then had it hooked to a snowmobile and drug up to the car.  They would shake the tree to rid of excess snow and we would get hot cocoa while the tree was paid for.  It was freezing and all sorts of movie like, how it should be. It should also be noted that the weather should not have been 72 degree when we were getting our tree. Short sleeves? What? All of that to say that I am sad that Cooper and Harrison won't get to experience that (rather large) aspect of the holiday season (and also building a snowman, every kid should do that a time or ten). 

My hot boyfriend! The tree! He was such a good sport, that boyfriend of mine.  He lets me indulge in all of my holiday craziness without even giving me the side eye, seriously, what a keeper! 

The lights are up and the decorations are going on tonight! I made a ruffled tree skirt last year with hot glue that took me at least 20 nap times to finish and for whatever reason I threw it away?  I need a tree skirt! 

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  1. Love that last picture! We went and got our tree this past weekend at a you/we cut place and probably walked around the place 3 times before deciding on one of the first trees we saw!