Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I thought I wouldn't be the slightest bit sad to see 2013 go but the truth is.... I'm not the slightest bit sad to see 2013 go.  I ate entirely too many baked bbq chips, hardly worked out at all, and endured many small awful things like becoming a single mom.

What is a little (LOT) bummerish is that 2013 started with a baby that looked like this:

And then ended with a grown up that looks like this:

A year on a child is incredible.  Why do I barely remember having that little smily 5 month old baby?


2013 was a year for learning.  I learned so many things about life in general, relationships, mothering, and myself.  I learned that life is hard.  I learned that relationships fail so that better ones can come together.  I learned that mothering is the most challenging and rewarding job a person can have.  I learned that I am strong, brave, and perfectly cut out for this job.  

I documented this past year in a very heavy way here.  I was heartbroken for a long time,   completely devastated over a failed relationship and family.  I couldn't see that I needed to go through every stage of grief and that break up in general to get to where I am now.  

I can say with absolute certainty that I am where I am supposed to be right now.  I am so gosh darn happy with all of the different aspects of my life and it feels really great.


In 2013 went to the Atlanta Zoo, celebrated Cooper first birthday in Atlanta at the fountains, took a road trip to New Hampshire, went to the Friendly Farm, spent a night/day in Washington, D.C., settled all court related stuff for Cooper, went to Noahs Arc zoo, saw my best friends baby be born, met the man of my dreams, opened my etsy shop, and so many other fun things! 


  1. It is crazy how fast life with kids gies, bittersweet for sure!! He is so handsome.

  2. I can't wait to see what happens this year, you are an awesome momma and woman, dear friend!