Thursday, January 2, 2014

Better Together

it's really fun doing parent-y things with eric and harrison.  the four us make quite little group.  eric and harrison are very laid back and cooper and i are... not.  balance, baby.

lately we've hit up some parks, made some salt-dough ornaments, let the boys paint us some christmas-y masterpieces, got milkshakes, took the boys to jump and run around like crazies at game time (we did most of the jumping and being crazy), and really just enjoying being together.  i sure do love these three great boys i've got in my life.

with eric i've gotten a little glimpse at what it must be like to have two parents in a household taking care of a child/ren.  just when i've about lost my patience he steps in or gives me a gentle reminder to keep being patient.  i pride myself on being a great mommy but he makes me even better and makes me want to be even better than that.  

the one year mark is coming up on living by ourselves and being a single mom so i'm going to touch on all the things then, but life was so hard for so long and is so, so good now.  i am so blessed. 

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