Monday, January 13, 2014

first haircut // officially documented + co-parenting

cooper had his first haircut on november 2nd, 2013 after much procrastination.  i'm pretty sure i put some iphone pictures up here but since this little space will eventually become a book of our journey and i want all of the big things properly documented, here's a picture dump!

mommy, daddy, and nanny were all there, of course, it's a big deal and we treat big deals as such! he did an excellent job, had a mostly confused look on his face the whole, and got mini m&m's as a treat afterwards.

 now if only the second haircut had gone so well.  maybe he needs the three of us there every time?


a quick note about co-parenting:  it is working very well for us and i think that is because we respect each others feelings.  i asked frank if he wanted to be there for coopers first haircut and he said of course.  we waited until our schedules matched up and took him together.  cooper needs to see and feel that we have a strong parenting relationship so we make a point to not just communicate on the phone and through text, when cooper is dropped off and picked up we discuss all of the important things and then talk to cooper together.  i have no doubt in my mind that he feels more love all the way around now then he did when we were all living together as a family.  there is a lot of peace floating around us and that is what coopers little life really needed and deserved.

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  1. Good work to all! Those sweet little curls. Hope you saved some clippings!