Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Notes

Doing:  Finally getting all of my pictures uploaded to shutterfly so I can get them printed out and stop panicking about losing all of my precious memories that my brain is too full to remember.  My shopping cart is currently at $93.00 and I don't wannnnna, but I will. 

Wanting: These boots.  I have yet to jump on this ankle boot trend but my mom has at least three pairs so at least someone in this family has their priorities straight.  Also? This necklace.  Jewelry was pretty much a nonexistent thing when Cooper was itty bitty and grabby but now my hand is about the only thing he's tugging on (dragging me around by) these days, so I think I might need to hope back on the not-looking-so-boring train.  Seriously I only accessorize with a watch and some stud earrings these days.

Excited about: There is so much to be excited about lately.  LouLou Made has it's best month ever this month and I am absolutely floored.  Next month has its work cut out for it, to say the least.  I've hired an assistant who starts Monday and I'm really hoping it's going to be a good fit.  I will be doing all of the sewing but she is going to help with cutting fabric, ironing, packaging, etc.  My hands and brain will like the help.  Also! Cooper and I are flying to San Francisco in March for a best friends trip! My best friend from middle school (in New Hampshire) happens to have the same week off from school (she's in law school!) so she will be flying out there as well and we are going to have the best five days on the west coast that we can! AND! In May Cooper, Eric, and I are flying NYC to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend for a four day getaway! Gosh I can barely handle all of this excitement.  So many things being checked off the bucket list this year.  Plus, we've got to get all the flying in that we can before Cooper turns two!

Reading: I started out the year with a boom, finishing two books in one week but now I am at a standstill.  I downloaded Elenor & Park, Ready Player One, Orphan Train, Divergent, The Book Thief, and Where'd You Go Bernadette but haven't had even the slightest desire (or time!) to read any of them.  One of the books I finished a few weeks ago was The Husbands Secret and I would rate it 3/5.  It had rave reviews for the most part but I would recommend several others to someone asking before I would that one. 

Etsy Finds: Now that I'm a small business owner I truly understand the importance of shopping small.  Here are some shops I've been eyeing: The Carmel JarSimple + Pretty,  and Hoopsy Daisy

Eating: Nothing exciting.  We actually had pulled pork sandwiches twice this week and I was completely happy and satisfied both times.  All it took was the stove top too.  #momoftheyear 
Although I did buy all of the ingredients and will be making these muffins that the fabulous Karli shared on her blog last week.  You see, Cooper is a complete muffin head (he gets it honestly) and I am trying my darnest to keep him on a mostly healthy "diet", so these are the solution.  I can't 

Other: Eric doesn't have to work this weekend and we get to see Harrison after going a week without, so I can't wait to get off work and go give those boys some sugar ;) 

Other Other: The snow came, caused problems, and left.  Good thing we took pictures or one might think it never even happened! 

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