Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinterest, Ikea, Haircuts, Miley Cyrus, Five Guys

1 // Cooper got his third haircut but first real haircut! I found the cutest picture on Pinterest of a toddler boys haircut that had a little style to it and knew it would look great on him.  I took him to an actual salon this time rather than Great Clips because of the botch job he got last time and am so glad I did.  We will definitely be going there from now on!

2 // Cooper is all into sitting in front of the new computer listening to music with his headphone and eating snacks.  It is so cute and nice to see him sitting in one place for a good 2.5-3 minutes.  A record, really.  Also, we ate Five Guys after Ikea on Saturday because when you're hungry and there is a Five Guys right around the corner you can't not go.  

3 // We went to Ikea this past weekend because my work space was out of control.  We live in a pretty small apartment so there is no extra room for the LouLou Made magic to happen, it has to happen at the kitchen table.  And that fold up table you see in the back on the ground? That use to hold all of my supplies but now we have this wonderful organized bookshelf that is making my heart beat all kinds of fast.  Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with all things organized? The desk organizer market definitely has me roped in.  I saw on Pinterest Friday night that people have used kitchen spice racks for book holder and I love the way it looks so I picked up three of those too, at $4 a piece you can't lose! I was going to paint them and then decided the natural wood color looked good just the way it was (lazy).  Cooper can't exactly get his books on and off himself but they look nice!  After two years it's starting to really feel homey like a home should.  Now if only it wasn't a waste of money to paint all of the walls.  Dream on, sister.

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