Friday, February 14, 2014


(My baby one year ago today!)

We're kind of all over the place all the time lately, it seems.  Dinner is never at a set time, this transition from two naps a day to one is still hard on us, bath times aren't always at night anymore, there's a little less healthy eating going on, and a lot more eating out happening.

Between a 19 month old baby, school, our job nannying, LouLou Made, a relationship, and life in general we are just a little busy.  Balance seems to be the thing that's talked about a lot once you become a mom.  How to balance being a mom and a wife.  How to balance being a mom and a small business owner.  How to balance being a mom and still being you.  I read somewhere that balance is just a bunch of smack and at first I didn't agree, of course we can balance all of these different acts, but now I'm totally on board with that manta.  Balance is just a bunch of smack.

Each month, or week, or day I have to decide what is most important for that day.  What needs my attention that most?  What has to get done? It is not in my businesses favor because Cooper always needs my attention the most but we are making due.  Yesterday I had to sew for 1.5 hours while he was awake and I felt awful about it.  He spent a good thirty minutes of it standing at the gate that separated him in the living room from me in the kitchen.  He wasn't crying but he wanted me and I had an order that had to get out, no if, ands, or buts about it.  Just sewing during nap time worked great in the beginning of LouLou Made, and then a couple of nights a week, and then every night of the week, and then hiring a helper came about.  I wouldn't need to sew every night of the week or have an assistant cutting fabric for me if I could work during the day but I can't.  I choose to give Cooper my time nearly all of the time, there is no balance between that and the other aspects of my life.  I give up more sleep for more sewing.  I give up sitting down to read for more sewing. I give up having a spotless house for more time playing with Cooper.  It's about re prioritizing.

I want to learn to do hoop embroidery.  I want to be able to go to the gym four days a week consistently.  I want to get pedicures every other week again.  More than that I want to focus on the awesome relationship I am in, I want to be not just present in each day with Cooper but engaged too, and I want to push my business and myself to keep growing.  One day there will be time for my "health" but as for today we will celebrate the success that getting the baby in the bed at 7 o'clock is.

(A good napping baby is my secret to maintaining a relative state of sanity if you're wondering)

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  1. I am just so, so happy for all of the amazing and exciting things going on in your life right now! Keep on keepin' on girlfriend. You're doing a pretty awesome job of balancing it all, if you ask me. :)