Friday, February 21, 2014

when the sun shines we eat ice cream

Yesterday was one of those days that had my heart screaming "this is what I live for!" The weather was perfect.  While the boys all slept I went and cleaned my car inside and out.  We went to the square to get the boys ice cream and let them run around.  Harrison scraped up his poor little knee pretty good but besides that it was so much fun.  To see them chasing each other around with the sun shining down on them had my heart bursting at the seams.  

I had no idea that I could love like I am now.  With the hurt and disappointment that plagued me for the longest time and all of the obstacles that Cooper and I got through together I wasn't sure how I would feel about anyone else coming into our "space" but my heart has never felt so full.  Gods timing is perfect, I've always believed that but now I'm truly feeling it.

Happy weekend, friends! 

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