Friday, March 14, 2014

5 // fun, warmth, easter

1 // I have boat loads of pictures to edit from San Francisco but the bottom line is that we had an absolute blast

2// I've been looking on Pinterest for some Easter decorating inspiration and found cute things like this that I really like:

but it's really the food pins that I liked the most, so now to pick my favorite to bring to Easter dinner!

3// The more cute moms I see pulling off Converse, the more I am positive that I need some.  THESE ONES to be exact.  You can't go wrong with mint or monograms.

4 //  The "Do what you can" part is my manta lately.  I can only do what I can only do.  Hard to accept sometimes but the darn truth.

5// The weather, God bless it, has decided to be nice to us lately so I am on the hunt for fun outdoor learning activities. Today it was working on our numbers with chalk on the sidewalk.

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