Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Cooper // 19 Months


I can't get enough of you, sweet boy.  19 months is such a fun age, challenging, but more fun than anything.  You are so busy, full of life and energy, and (mostly) happy.  You are testing the waters on which furniture you can and aren't supposed to climb on, expressing your independence, and becoming the pickiest eater just like your mommy.

Some of the many phrases and sentences you're saying:

"happy birthday to you!"
"oh dear!"
"oh my goodness"
"i missed you"
"i love you"
"i bumped my head"
"need a hug!"
"you did it!"
"got a peepee"
"its really hot!"
"brrr freezing outside"
"need a jacket"
"that scared me"
"hiiiii mommy!"
"needa dribe" (need to drive)
"be careful!"
"that's mine!" to everything that is not his!

I couldn't begin to count the words you're saying now because you literally can say anything.  You repeat everything I say, anything you hear on the t.v., and anything that people around you are saying.  You never stop talking.

I love how you're rough and tough but also so incredibly sweet, giving me kisses all the time and making me feel like I'm the best thing since sliced bread.

We're getting closer and closer to two, goodness time flies.

I love your more than ever.


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