Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How I Teach

With Cooper only being 20 months old there isn't much formal teaching happening in our household.  I kind of panic thinking about the time that formal teaching is needed (prior to school) because our schedule is so packed right now I can't see where it would fit in.  Instead I try to make just about everything we do a learning opportunity. 

With the weather inching (very slowly) towards warm we have been pulling out the sidewalk chalk and bubbles every chance we get.  Cooper thinks its fun to "color in" the shapes that I make so after getting them correct when I ask him what shape is what, he gets to color them in.  It is still mostly hit or miss with naming his colors correctly but he loves to play with chip clips so for each color that he names correctly, with me holding all of them, he gets to hold. 

Today he was wearing his little red Keds and looked down and said "moon" while pointing at the front of his shoe.  He is quick to recognize the shape of the moon (a crescent) and points it out whenever he sees it. 

Other little things I do are to let Cooper brush his teeth before I brush them, letting him flush the toilet after I use it, letting him throw things in the trash can, letting him pick out his jacket, socks, hat, etc. that he is going to wear for the day, letting him pour water from one cup, to the next, to the next, and more. Teaching him through play has proven to be really effective for us, especially when singing songs.  Cooper knows almost all of "itsy bitsy spider", "twinkle twinkle little star", "patty cake", "ring around the rosey", and the clean up song!  He can also count to three always and five sometimes and knows almost all of the alphabet when prompted.  We sing while he bathes, before bed, while eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and in the car! 

Cooper starts school in August so I know his learning is going to go through the roof but I want to give him the best head start that I can! 

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  1. Play is learning. I do what I call Tot School with my little ones. It's pretty much time I sit aside in the day to intentionally play with them. I try to make all the activities as fun as possible but yet educational too.