Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rock Climbing with Babies

If you haven't heard of Stone Mountain, it is essentially a huge rock in the middle of a whole bunch of extremely flat land.  Interesting right?  One of the many things that you can do at Stone Mountain is climb it, so that's what we did!

I climbed it last year with a friend, her daughter, and Cooper, and it was exhausting.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I said I wouldn't do it again until Cooper was much older and could climb up it himself.  Alas, I'm terrible about sticking to my word when it comes to things I say I'll never do again.  I'm also terrible at all things climbing (even though I love it) so when I make it sound like this really long and awful climb, know that it's pretty much not a big deal at all and that a lot of locals climb it daily.

We're all about celebrating things though, so here's our "we made it!" pose.  You're welcome.

I'm so glad that my parents joined us.  We really had the best time and we REALLY enjoyed the extra helping hands! 

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  1. I love Stone Mountain. We stopped there last year during a 2 week road trip we were on. I must admit, I made it to the top of the rock but I rode the tram! It's beautiful there though, I'd love to go back :)