Monday, March 3, 2014



Wake up to the baby crying at 6:45 am.  Why does he always wake up crying?  Where did the days of waking up to a happy talking baby go? And didn't he go to bed at 7:45 last night?  That means he's supposed to sleep until 7:45 this morning.  

He needs a bath but it will have to wait until tonight because I need 15 more minutes of sleep/snuggle time with the baby in my bed.  He gets excited about being in the "big bed!" and so there's no more sleeping.

Breakfast is on the go this morning and he doesn't understand why I have to put his waffle into a baggy instead of a bowl.  He wants his waffle now.  On the couch.  With Bubble Guppies on.  Sorry kid, we're running late.

Get to work (we nanny) to find out that the mom is getting home early.  Woohoo, we get to go home early!  Except we don't. She wants me to stay and keeping watching her son, while she's there.  My baby doesn't do well with routine being thrown off and so to keep some sanity I arrange for my sister to come and get him when the mom arrives. 

10am my baby is ready for a nap.

10:15 lay baby down. 

10:17 baby starts screaming

10:30 I resolve to him not falling asleep and go into the room to find blood all over his face and the side of his pack n play.  Busted lip.  Cool.

11:00 lunch.  Baby eats all of his food and most of mine too.  

Grump baby.  Grumpy baby.  Grumpy baby.

1:00 nap time attempt round 2.

1:05 lay baby down.  He is quiet.

1:09 baby starts screaming.

1:12 baby is quiet.

1:35 baby wakes up and starts screaming again.

Nap time isn't happening today.

Baby bumps his head.  Baby wants a million snacks.  Baby has to have ice in his cup.  Baby doesn't want his diaper changed.  Baby wants to destroy everything.  Is it 3:30 yet?

3:45 sister gets baby.  Que the relief.

4:00pm I miss my baby.

5:45 meet sister, niece, and my baby for dinner.

Baby spills his whole cup of water, gets ketchup everywhere, and refuses to sit in his high chair. 

6:45 baby loses his paci while we're driving down the road.  Lots of screaming.  He asks for a hug.  He screams for a hug.  I give him my hand and he holds it tight to his cheek the whole way home. 

7pm We made it.  The day is just about over (for the baby, mommy has lots of sewing to do).  Baby is incredibly exhausted.

It looks like nap time won't be happening tonight either.  We'll try for tomorrow morning.  

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  1. Sounds like you have a nap time rebel as well. ;) Hopefully he slept nicely the next day! Love your 4:00... I agree. Even though you need those moments of respite, it's hard to let them go. ;)