Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Cooper // 20 Months

You crack up whenever I say "oopsy daisy."

You're always telling me to "get up" from whatever I'm doing to "play trucks with me."

You've gotten a little taste for other drinks besides water so whenever we're out to eat you always ask for "mommy's water" which is almost never actually water.

You like to show off all of your many skills and tricks to me but act like you know little to nothing whenever I ask you to show others what you know.  Thankfully I catch a lot on video -- the proof is in the pudding!

You like to count pairs of things and say "1,2! 2,1! 1,2!" and while you can count to five (I've heard it with my own ears!) I guess I'm satisfied with your ability to count to two forward and backward and will just stop telling people about that counting to five trick until you're doing it more consistently ;)

You are energetic and absolutely wear me out every single day.  You eat like a grown man (literally, you and Eric ate the same amount of pizza last week for dinner).  You sing songs, have your jumping skills down pack, and still tell me you "need a hug" at least five times a day.

I have been around and taken care of many, many kids but I've never seen one with as much personality as you.  You are FULL to the brim of life.  Whether you are happy or mad, you are doing it whole-heartedly and very rarely leave me stumped trying to figure out what's going through your head. As your Nanny said just a couple of days ago, you never stop talking.  I pretty much always know what you're saying as you don't mumble or talk "like a baby" at all.  You drive me up the wall on a daily basis but I wouldn't want you any other way.  You are quick to calm down and move onto something new which really helps with my sanity ;)

Your favorite food is still pizza and your favorite toys are your John Deere tractors.  You ask to wear hats and socks every day and love to wash your hands!

I love you with everything that I am and it multiplies by the day.

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