Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear Cooper // 21 Months

Hey Bud!

21 months old, look how far we've come.

I ask you what you want to eat and you tell me.  Your answer is normally "pizza!" and pizza is my favorite food too so I agree and we eat it more than we probably should.  You eat fruit though, and lots of yogurt so I think we're good.  It's all about balance or some semblance of it anyway.

We're all doing our best here.

You're still head hugging, learning your forehead into my lips when I ask for a kiss, playing "trucks!" every chance you get, loving the outdoors, wearing size 4 diapers, drinking mostly all water and some chocolate milk here and there, and sleeping really well.

New things because there are always new things! At the park you're so independent now, climbing up the jungle gyms and going down the slides by yourself and swinging on the big swings (that sit low to the ground).  When you get upset you scream hysterically and will now lay on the ground in a ball while you do it.  I think you may get that from your mother, you just missed the bang-you-head-on-the-ground memo which is totally fine with me.  You can blow bubbles pretty efficiently and like to break side walk chalk.  You have mastered all stairs and can climb up and down them by yourself.  You love to brush your teeth and always tell me "let's go to the circus!".  You are random, silly, and absolutely outrageous at times.  I love you fiercely through it all.

I'm slowly entering party planning mode, the big 2 is right around the corner!

Always keep making us laugh, sweet boy! I love you more than ever.



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