Tuesday, April 8, 2014


see those little foot prints on the bottom of his freshly picked moccs? i will put him in these shoes until he's exceeded the largest size for that reason (plus a million others). my plan is to stick these in his keepsake box when he grows out of them as a reminder of what his little foot print looked like at 21 months old.  the only other print i have is from his first hours of life on some card stock so to have it in leather is the very best.


because cooper is being hilarious these days (and incredibly frustrating but, all about the positivity! hah!) i'll share some of his latest ways and commonly heard phrases.

cooper: "oh! mommy goin' peepee?" 
Me: "nope, just about to get in the shower"
cooper: "oh! mommy goin' poop!"

while riding in the car: "i wanna go to the circus" X 179390 "i needa go to the circus with nanny!"

also while riding in the car: "hey! i needa go to calforna. oh thas a BIG flower.  oh thats a BIG airplane. OH! wow.  i wanna go to calforna" 

"thas a big helicocker" 

"wanna fwing fucka park" (wanna swing AT THE park) (i have no idea how this came to be)

"mommy! GET UP!" 

"mmm dis is so good" as he spits whatever is so good out.

"oh hi coopa!"

first thing in the morning: "i need pizza for dinner"


the semester is almost over.  the shop has hit 400 sales.  the weather is on the up & up.  life is good. 

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  1. He's so handsome. I love those little footprints, perfect keepsake :)