Thursday, May 22, 2014


i can understand living in nyc and then having children and raising them there from the start.  i can not understand having kids and then moving to nyc while they're still kids.  i also cannot understand why i thought taking cooper to nyc was a good idea.  or more specifically why i thought it would be any fun for him.  note to self: nyc is not like san francisco at all.

we had a great time.  i mean, a really great.  and by we i mean everyone but cooper.  poor cooper was strapped in his stroller 10 out of the 10 hours he was a wake each day.  i bought a childs "leash" in hopes that he could walk with us a little bit but clearly i had never been to nyc before.  i was thoroughly amazed to find that the streets were completely crowed 24/7.  i knew it was going to be busy but i didn't know to what degree. i also didn't know that just about none of the subway stations had elevators so we had to haul cooper in his stroller up and down several sets of stairs at least 10 times each day.  cooper definitely had king status going on.

so what did we do? we stayed right across from the worlds largest macys so we went shopping in the 34th street area, we went to times square, we rode the ferris wheel in the times square toys r us, we ate cheap slices of pizza, we ate at best bagels and coffee (twice), we went to see the statue of libery and ellis island, we walked across the brooklyn bridge and explored brooklyn, we went to ground zero and the really old church and cemetery right by, we went to little italy and china town (for authentic chinese food), we went to fao schwarz and walked all of the streets around there with all of the "dream on" stores, and on the last day when the weather was finally nice and sunny we explored central park!

the subway stations were revolting but the musicians playing all throughout them was kind of magical.  the yellow taxis driving madly all around the city was so movie-like.  people in the city honk their horns so much, it's kind of funny.  we stayed at the marriott on 24th and 71st and it was immaculate, a really great hotel in a really great location for sure.  we ran into so many helpful people which was nice because the subway system is a little (really) crazy for people new to the city.

considering the circumstances cooper did really well.  was he a crying and frustrated mess most of the time? yes, but i couldn't really blame him.  he absolutely loved the statue of liberty and riding on the boat to get out there.  he also really loved the bagels we ate, he is his mommas child after all! central park gave him the freedom he needed before we had to sit in an airport and then plane for the last half of the day so the weather worked in our favor on that note.  the horses in central park were a big hit for cooper, as was the park we landed at near the carousel!  

flying there and back cooper did really well.  i completely forgot to bring activities besides the ipad, which died while we were still sitting on the runway on the way back, so i felt fully responsible the few times that he did get antsy.  the flight there was erics first flight ever so it was really fun getting to experience that with him!  we hadn't seen my sister and woody since january so seeing them was of course the big highlight of the trip.  cooper was shy for all of 3 minutes and then was the best of friends with his aunty bethy and uncle woody. 

i (think) want to go back some day but not with small children.  next stop is the beach! this momma needs a vacation after that "vacation". 

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