Friday, May 2, 2014

We do all of the things.

I am so exhausted by this past week.  I think we've done all of the things there are to do.  Last weekend we went to the Noahs Arc Zoo on Saturday and then the Georgia Aquarium on Sunday.  This week we hit up the park a couple times, the car wash (Coopers been requesting all week), and the farm today to strawberry pick! Not to mention I was diagnosed with the largest ovarian cyst my OB/GYN has ever seen so.  Big stuff going on, guys.

Strawberry picking is probably my favorite thing that we've done recently!  Cooper, Harrison, and Payton had a blast picking and eating entirely too many bright red (and some green) strawberries, playing in the dirt, and swinging on the swings! At one point was sitting up eating a strawberry Harrison decided to take a nap.  It was absolutely hilarious.  We were shouting his name and he was just drooling and sleeping away.  He is something else!

Cooper had the most fun with a big stick he found digging in the dirt and looking for "piders!", his favorite thing as of late.

Payton was satisfied with picking and eating all of the strawberries she could get her hands on.  She had exactly zero strawberries in her basket at the end!

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