Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Cooper // 23 Months

My last monthly post! How are we already here sweet boy?

You are just a matter of days away from being two.  I could have never imagined myself with an almost two year old and now that is how I define myself, I'm Coopers momma!

We laugh together all throughout the day because I think you're are so funny and you think I'm so funny.  You're experimenting with common phrases like "oh really?", "but why not?' and newly this morning when I told you "I'm so sorry baby" -- "yeah, I know."  It is absolutely hilarious to hear you say these things because you're not even two yet! Still fresh out of the womb and all that stuff, far too young for big boy phrases ;)
You tell me when you're hungry ("I want a snacky!"), when you're tired ("Coopa tired momma"), when you're upset ("Coopa sad and cried"), when you're mad and screaming ("Coopa was screaming"), and when you hurt something, which has turned into a bit of a game ("He hurt him head, momma kiss it").

You've been down with a bronchial infection and an ear infection this month but have handled them like a champ.  Sleep was much deprived during the peak of both of those and you found yourself in mommas bed most nights, which I'm totally fine with! I'll take all of your snuggles that I can get.  You are really into "pider hunting" and "playing sticks".  You are always so sweet and get momma a stick too, "momma hit trees too!".  I know you'll be talking in complete sentences all the time before long so remembering these little phrases is so important to me.

You're becoming more and more of a snuggle bug, especially before naps and bed time.  You cozy up next to me on the couch to watch your favorite show ever, Bubble Guppies, and will randomly put your hand on my cheek of put your head to mine.  You've experimented with calling me "wibby" here and there but lately you call me by my name all the time.  "Wibby where are you?", "Come here wibby!", etc.  In public I wish you wouldn't do it because I want everyone to know I'm your mommy but otherwise I think it's pretty hilarious.

We've been on some fun adventures this month, the Splash Pad in Athens, Stone Mountain for the laser show, Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, and your 4th rodeo!  I hate that you're not going to remember all of the many (many!) fun things we've done in the first years of your life but at least I have lots of pictures to prove it all happened :)

Some quick stats: 27 pounds, 32 inches tall, size 18 month shorts, size 18-24 month shirts, size 4 diapers, size 6 shoes, talking non-stop, speaking in sentences all the time, sleeping 12 hours each night, taking one 2 hour nap each day, swimming (with a floaty) very comfortably by yourself, becoming a very picky eater but love lettuce ("salad") and tomatoes which makes me very happy, and really just being the silliest, funniest, craziest, smartest, and sweetest boy around.  

I love you more than ever.  


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