Monday, August 18, 2014


in january, when the reality of actually starting school was way off, i signed cooper up for preschool.  after some solid research and a lot of recommendations i had found the perfect preschool for him.  it is small, organized, christian based, and allll about the family being involved.  perfect. 

and then august rolled around.

alright, we can do this.  it's just eight hours a week and two miles from our house.  school supply shopping, a monogrammed lunch box, the cutest little north face backpack you've ever seen, we're ready.  we did a lot of talking about starting school, what he would do, who he knows that goes to his school, who is going to drop him off and pick him up, and a lot of celebrating that he is now a big boy!

the first day was tuesday august 12th.  me, his daddy, and his nanny were there to walk him in.  he was all smiles the drive to the school, parking and walking in, taking pictures, going into his classroom, playing with us there, but then we had to leave. commence the tears (from me) and screams (from him).  we waited in the hallway out of sight as they (mostly) calmed him down and then i hiked up my big girl pants and forced myself into my car.  the director is really great and sent me pictures and texts to let me know how he was doing which helped a little.

progress report of the first day: he cried most of the day -- this breaks my heart so much.  we, of course, got ice cream after i picked him up even though he didn't eat his lunch because -- new adventures can be really hard.

progress report of the second day: not nearly as much crying and a lot more playing. 

i'm giving it two weeks or so. i don't want to make him go if he's not ready. i really hope he starts to love it and now that harrison will be joining his class i think that may help.  since he is in the blue room we've been talking about how cool that is since when you ask cooper what his favorite color is he mostly replies with "bluuue!!!" coincidence? i think not ;) 

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