Thursday, September 18, 2014


^^ he looks so cute in his boxer briefs 

We've been potty training for a few weeks now so I feel like I've actually got something to say about it now besides "hey! no diapers!"

Potty training is not fun.  It is not easy.  It sometimes involves poop all over your beloved photo album, the one that's slap full of precious newborn pictures.  It is definitely an adventure and here's how we did it:

I had zero intentions of potty training Cooper right now.  I was always told that boys were later and harder potty training so I was just going to wait until he decided he wanted to start using the "big boy potty."  I had already bought him a froggy potty that he thought was pretty cool.. to look at.. until one day when he sat down on that froggy potty while we were in the bathroom and pooped without even being asked to sit on the potty.  I was shocked to say the least and decided that I was holding him back if I didn't go ahead and put the diapers away right then and there.  So I did.  We went to Walmart and picked out really cool underwear and it's been a piece of cake since then.  He has had a handful of accidents but I'm always the one to blame because I forget to remind him to go potty.  I read a lot about the three-day potty training method where you essentially stay at home for three days and only go out on short trips but that wasn't really feasible with our schedule so instead I just brought the froggy potty with us.  I would open up the car doors and stick him on the potty before we went in anywhere and it has worked like a charm.  I don't know how long this process of needing to remind them to go lasts but I would say that we are just about fully potty trained.  

Just like everyone told me, you really can't potty train them until they are ready, but when they are ready it will be easier.  It also helps to just let them run naked as much as possible. And M&M's, those help too. 

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