Wednesday, September 17, 2014

this season

this is a good season we're in right now.  we're on the brink of so many big and exciting things, i can really hardly stand it.  not to mention that fall is right around the corner, that's music to my ears.  this isn't to say we haven't had to deal with our fair share of hard lately, because we certainly have.  the family cooper + i nanny for were set to have their baby boy nolan tomorrow but instead we attended his funeral yesterday.  why do these tragic things happen?  through the grace of God they are remaining strong in their faith.

we are looking forward to moving in three short weeks, a rodeo this friday with family, apple picking in north georgia soon, and celebrating one year together.  it is truly amazing how drastically my life has changed since being in a relationship with eric.  i've never been in a truly healthy and happy relationship and now that i am i can't believe how much i allowed myself to be mistreated in the past. cooper and i have never been happier.

speaking of cooper, he is so big and i miss doing monthly updates because he is still changing so rapidly.  he is mostly potty trained, obsessed with watching youtube videos of excavators and bulldozers at work, weigh 28.5 pounds, and loves to race now.  we spend lots of time racing short (very short!) cooper-sized distances.  and wouldn't you know it, cooper always wins.

i have a good feeling about this fall and winter, they're going to be good ones.  it helps that our new apartment has very tall ceilings so a big tall christmas tree it shall be.

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