Wednesday, October 22, 2014


when you have an audience of zero it shouldn't be hard to write and update on life but sometimes it is.  i forget the i'm writing here for the sole purpose of having something to look back on and help me remember the little moments of our life. 

we moved almost a month ago.  it was hands down the best decision - i love our new home so incredibly much - but i have also been a little sad too.  our old apartment was where we brought cooper home to, where i became a single mother, where i learned to take care of cooper all by myself, where we shared countless days and nights - just the two us, where we were incredibly lonely, where we were incredibly happy, where cooper learned to crawl, where cooper learned to walk, where cooper started talking, and so many more memories.  it was a tiny little home slap full of memories - both good and bad - but ours all the same.  

i will get around to taking pictures after i get around to finishing the rooms.  the living room and dining room look mostly complete.  we still need end tables and a book shelf for the living room, a rug for the dining room, and stuff or some sort to hang on the bare walls of plenty that we have.  when it comes to the bedrooms there is a lot to be desired.  

we've been filling our days with nannying, school, and playing outside.  we've been to the pumpkin patch twice, had a pumpkin painting and pizza party, celebrated our favorite princess's party, went to the aquarium, and will be going to the zoo this friday! the weather is slowly turning cooler and will be freezing before we know it so we're taking advantage of the beautiful weather while we can! 

i'm going to do an update on cooper soon because he is getting so big, talking so well, and says the most hilarious things.  for instance, yesterday he looked at me and said with the most serious face "oh yeahhhh, i'm RICH!" 

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