Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I feel like I can't quite get back into blogging.. or that I was ever really "in" it to begin with.   I desperately want the friendships that come from blogging and other social media networks but never quite put myself out there enough for that to happen.  I think that's what it is.  People also might want to come around more if it looked a little better so who should I hire to do a blog makeover for me? 

Here's what's current over here: 

Feeding - Eric has been doing most of the cooking lately.  I have been so unmotivated in the kitchen for the past way too long.  I have been looking up recipes pretty much daily but no follow through.  I did find a super easy and delicious bbq chicken crockpot recipe that we made once a couple weeks ago and will be making again tonight.  You can find it here!

Reading - I just finished Big Little Lies and Half Broke Horses.  Totally different books but both so good.  If you haven't read a Jeanette Walls book you need to! The Glass Castle was the first of her books that I read.

Conceding - I have not made church a priority for Cooper and I in quite some time.  We go but not as steadily as we need to be.  Coopers little brain is absorbing everything right now and it should be my first priority to have him sitting in that pew hearing the words of The Lord.  Advent starts this coming Sunday and I hope to not miss at all during December.  

Needing - To get my booty moving. I took a couple of months off from the gym and my body is showing it.  I haven't really gained weight but I am flabbier than I would like to be - let's just say that.

Gearing up for - The holidays! October, November, and December are my favorite because I love celebrating the holidays with friends and family! This week we have Thanksgiving with my parents on Thursdays and then a Thanksgiving meal on Friday with Erics family.  We will be Black Friday shopping this year too! 

Procrastinating - 

Thankful for - Being able to provide a great Christmas for my sweet boy.  I will provide him with gifts galore, yes, but also with friends and family who love us so much.  That's what it's about. 

What are you up to currently?


  1. Libby,

    I found your blog and instagram through Ruthie Hart a while back and I absolutely love it! Happiest of Holidays to you and your sweet family!!

  2. I also found your blog via another one (maybe September Farm?) and one thing that really sets you apart is your writing. You've been so honest here about your struggles but have also captured the sweet joys (and occasional sorrows) of motherhood in a really meaningful way. There's lot of women out there blogging about crafts and recipes but not everyone puts their real life out there like you do. I hope you keep writing...