Wednesday, December 17, 2014

that time cooper scared us all

For the sake of wanting to remind Cooper of the time he nearly scared me to death, it is important to get this down.

On Monday December 8th Cooper went to sleep perfectly normal.  On Tuesday December 9th when he woke up at 7am he had a very severe limp and in-toeing in his left foot. I watched him struggle to walk all day but didn't really think anything of it until WAM... all of the sudden randomly struck with fear.  We took Cooper to the emergency room at the Childrens Hospital of Atlanta where they did a foot x-ray and sent us home saying kids walk weird.  Wednesday morning we followed up with his pediatrician who told us that he didn't really know what to think about it so he referred us to a pediatric orthopedic doctor.  We saw the pediatric orthopedic doctor on Thursday and they did a hip x-ray.  He told us kids walk weird.  At this point we are all going out of our minds because he used to walk with perfectly straight feet, he woke up not being able to, and nobody could tell us what was going on.  On Friday he woke up with zero appetite and a low-grade fever so back to the emergency room at Children's Hospital of Atlanta we went per the pediatricians recommendation.  They drew blood and did a hip ultrasound.  Our doctor was fantastic, truly a wonderful, kind, and knowledgable woman.  The conclusion? A hip infection.  A stupid hip infection that caused him pain and inflammation which turned his left foot severely inward.

It was a really strange experience last week for several reasons but mainly because my motherly intuition was all over the place.  I couldn't tell if I was making a big deal out of something little or if I needed to keep pushing until we found out what was wrong.  I honestly thought something had to be wrong with his brain.  I always go to worse-case-scenerio.

People came through the woodwork last week and early this week to show us that they cared and were here for us, it was so incredibly nice.  It is the most bizarre feelings knowing that something is wrong with your baby yet seeing doctor after doctor who can't tell you what is wrong.

He is happy, healthy, and running around like nothing has been wrong.  Praise The Lord.

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  1. I am soooo glad he is doing better! He's lucky to have you as his mommy, Olivia!