Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cooper // 2.5 Years Old

Cooper officially turned 2.5 years old on the 8th of this month.  I can barely manage to stay on top of anything so being twenty days late on this post isn't so bad! 

Cooper is everything and more to me.

He is funny and everyone knows it.  He gets a big kick out of making people laugh and remembers certain "jokes" he's told certain people that made them laugh and will "retell" them when he is around that person again.  Joy certainly begets joy for him.  He calls me "babe" and "baby" on the regular and very randomly but consistently tells me "I wove you mommy!"  He has an incredible imagination and is always "being" something.  "Look, I'm a cowboy!" or "I'm a witch with my broom stirring my pot of green stuff!" Witches, "bampires", ghosts, and mummies have been all of the talk lately along with presents, Santa ("Where is Santa right now?"), and the reindeers.  I think it is hard for him to understand that Christmas is just over after the 25th of December so we still listen to the kids Christmas station on Pandora all the time.

He is so incredibly smart that I can hardly believe it.  I am never quick to forget how lucky I am.  He knows several shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, star, heart, octagon, pentagon, etc.), all of the letters in the alphabet, several of the sounds of the letters, he can count to 15 consistently and knows several numbers beyond that, all nursery rhymes that I know and then several beyond that (thank you, YouTube!), several Spanish words, every color (including silver, gray, gold, light blue, etc.).  Most of this is old news as he has known his colors, shapes, and letters for at least six months now, but important to get down here all the same!  He properly uses bigger words like ingredients, frustrated, complicated, probably, emotions, gigantic, and so many more.  I haven't been able to keep track of his vocabulary in a long time but he never speaks in anything less than paragraphs now.  When I say that he never stops talking, I mean it.  He even talks in his sleep (and dances and sings!).

He is spirited, independent, persistent, loud, full of energy, and as I refer to him most often, crazy.  He challenges me every single day.  Will today be the day that he fights me to get out the door? Or will today be the day he refuses to nap? Or will today be the day he wants to make a huge mess just to make a huge mess? Or will today be the day he doesn't like grapes even though he just loved them yesterday? Or will today be the day that he wants to pinch everyone when he doesn't get his way? He is not very patient in most circumstances.  I am not a very patient person either when it comes to getting what I want so I can relate to him on this front.  He is always on the go.  Sitting down and watching TV is a very rare thing for him to do unless he is given the opportunity to sit and watch TV rather than going to sleep.  He loves to take other peoples hands and "go for a walk" or "dance together!"  When he is being the most rambunctious it means that he is hungry, tired, or most often, needs to get outdoors.  He would stay outside all day everyday if he was able to.  I like him the very most when he is outside and when we are reading books right before he falls asleep.  While he may be rough, he will always stop to give me a kiss or a hug if I ask.  He loves his mommy, that is for certain.  Lucky for him, we spend all day every day together minus maybe two a month when he goes to his dads.  I wouldn't trade our time together for the world.

His interests are wide.  He loves to sing songs, dance, play with tractors, drive his monster trucks, eat, cook in his kitchen, use all of his tools to fix up the house, kick the ball around outside, color, play with play doh, paint, do "arts n crafts!", watch Bubble Guppies and Daniel Tiger, read books, play his instruments, explore on walks, and do learning activities.  He is not hard to distract or please!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I wish everyone could know him, he is so wonderful.

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