Friday, January 9, 2015

Taking Stock

Making: caves and forts with my boy
Drinking: water, water, water.  i don't drink much else but i've gained 6 pounds completely unexpectedly and i feel so uncomfortable so water and exercise it is. 
Reading: i'm really pushing for this to be a year filled with a lot of reading.  my first book of the year was "what alice forgot" and now i'm a little into "the invention of wings".
Wanting: to savor this sweet time in our lives and not be constantly thinking about the future and how great it will be to be there.  good things are happening today and everyday.
Watching: i only watch shows when i sew at night via hulu and netflix on my computer and right now my obsession is gilmore girls from start to finish.  i'm almost to season 6 already, how is that so?
Listening: old country.  cooper and i love it. 
Eating: no snacks! or trying not to anyway.  i had a tiny breakfast today so all i can think about is the lunch we're going to devour at panara this afternoon.  broccoli cheddar soup + a chicken caesar salad. 
Smelling: absolutely nothing pleasant right now.  tonight though? hopefully salted carmel brownies. 
Wishing: we didn't haven't to rush out of the house each morning + that we lived closer to the city where they have more classes and activities available for toddlers. 
Enjoying: listening to cooper use more describing words in his sentences.  they are getting longer and longer by the day and make less and less sense but it's so fun. 
Loving: these flats but could never justify spending so much with the way i go through flats!
Hoping: this freezing cold weather goes away, like yesterday.  cabin fever is real, people. 
Needing: a haircut and pedicure. reallllly bad. 
Feeling: happy overall.  right this moment though? completely relieved that cooper is sleeping and praying that he wakes up in a better mood. 
Wearing: flare jeans today (wahhhhh? those are so five years ago).  it's all about what fits these days. 
Bookmarking: big boy bedding for coopers big boy bed.  i want to go with pottery barn so i have to save my pennies. 

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