Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 GOALS

i would say that february is as good a time as any to get some goals for the year written out.  after all, january is usually the month where ambition for the goals runs extremely high and then drops off just as february begins.  starting now is really the smart way to do it #orsomething

here we go.

reading: i always set the goal high and never fully deliver, but i do deliver a good amount and that is sufficient for me.  i read about 25 books last year.  this year my goal is 30.  so far i've read: what alice forgot and the invention of wings.  i've already started wild and after that i will be reading eleanor & park.  it seems like everyone is posting reading lists lately (!!!) so i've been taking notes

travels: last year i was fortunate enough to be able to take myself and cooper to a few new states and i hope to do the same this year.  since we have road tripped from georgia to vermont he has passed through several states but last year we got to spend time in california, new york, tennessee, and maryland.  the previous year he spent time in florida, south carolina, new hampshire, massachusetts, and vermont. my wish list of places to travel in my lifetime is pretty unrealistic but hopefully each year i can check a few off the list. 

mothering: i have overall goals of the "type" of mother i want to be and definitely suffer from look at her being so sparkly and great, i'm a crap mom but i typically have to give myself a pep talk once (or five times) a day reminding myself that cooper is two and i need more patience.  so for this year my overall goals are to spend more quality time playing and teaching cooper and to have more patience with him as he learns about the things and people around him and his self. 

financial: this is the year to save.  every year should be but never has been.  i am really proud of the savings account i made for cooper when he turned one and plan to create one for myself too that i put money into each month.  

loulou made: the embarrassing reality is that i put all of my effort into each of my orders and zero into advertising and the behind the scenes stuff that could really amp up my business.  i would be so overjoyed to put all of my working time and effort in LLM and have it be my one and only source of income but because i have two jobs i cannot.  maybe if i can learn to function off of less sleep i can figure it all out.  oy! my business goal this year is to spread the word about my business (advertise).  

relationships: i have my family, my boyfriend, our kids, one best friend, and a handful of "friends".  this year i want to strengthen the few relationships i have and work to build more relationships.  i would love to be a part of a mommy group, to have girl nights out, and to be a part of a woman's devotional study.  i want to have friends to call on and to have call on me, to get lunch with, to have play dates with.  family is fulfilling but friends, they are the key.  i've read up on the importance of having a community and it's really important.  and harder to obtain the older you get.  i'm going to try really hard to start building one for myself and family though.  cooper and i start a mommy + me gymnastics class this friday morning and i am very excited about it! 

exercise: i took a huge break from the gym.  not a good idea because somehow i gained 7 pounds in one month that now refuse to leave my body, but have gotten back into it and plan to really stick with it this time.  even if i only make it to the gym once a week.  this is my fourth week back, even though i haven't gone this week as of right now (tonight!!!), but managed to go three times week 1 + 2 and one time week 3, this week I am aiming for twice since it's been a busy week being stuck at work late. 

eating: i was delivered faulty tastebuds by the tastebud fairy and have a severe distaste for most things healthy.  i was also delivered a faulty desire to follow-through.  i want to try whole30 but my discipline is nonexistent.  at some point this year - i have about 11 months to do this - i plan to complete a whole30.  i might be found dead with the cause of starvation by the end of it but i'm going to give it a go. 

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