Monday, February 16, 2015


1 // first and foremost and most importantly, i cooked meals two out of three days and those days fell over the weekend.  this is something to be talked about because a/ i rarely cook and b/ the weekend is for eating out in my most respected opinion. hah!  please note that the meals weren't just my go-to of pigs in a blanket either.  this is really something, a highest of the lows maybe, but let's pay credit where credit is due.  now where's my chocolate covered strawberries?

2 // thursday morning i woke up with the desire to get a good workout in but alas, no one to watch the baby as usual, so i made a quick decision that we would go climb stone mountain right then and there.  i didn't really pay attention to the weather and the fact that a whole buncha wind would be rolling in at about the same time we would be reaching the top of the mountain, but whatevs.  we survived.  cooper, being the mighty little dude that he is, climbed the whole mountain by himself, even the really steep parts with me trailing right behind him just incase he tumbled back.  it was so windy at the top that it was literally blowing cooper backwards but he thought it was hilarious.  i thought it was freezing so we snapped a few selfies and high tailed it down the "mountain."

3 // my mom and i took cooper and payton to their second circus thursday night and it was a blast. we went to the universoul circus last year which was essentially a big party for everyone in there, lots of soul, and this time we went to the ringling brothers circus.  cooper was completely amazed, i mean elephants painting rainbows, who wouldn't be? a white horse dressed up as a unicorn took a few laps on the stage and cooper excitedly announced that he was seeing his first "amazing unicorn!" and since i didn't even know he knew what a unicorn was, we basked in that moment together that lasted all of 2 seconds because... next up.... a woolly mammoth.  yeah i had never seen an elephant in a costume before either so that was unique and memorable.

4 // friday morning cooper had his first gymnastic class and nailed it.  "a natural" in the words of mr. paul the instructor.  those skillz didn't come from his momma either.  we had lunch at atlanta bread which was a complete waste of money because the food was h-h-h-orrible.  with a side of disgusting. next was shopping which proved to be much more tasteful and then it was home to cook dinner.

5 // saturday, valentines day, was mediocre.  eric had to work so cooper and i went to cracker barrel for a nice mother-son romantic breakfast filled with spilling cups of water and throwing broken crayons on the floor.  since he's an early riser we were back home from eating by 9 and had the whole day ahead of us to do... nada.  we did make cupcakes and deliver them to some of our favorite valentines and then had a family dinner out in atlanta with the whole gang.  our plan wasn't to end up eating burgers and fries but it also wasn't to sit around for a three hour wait so burgers and fries it was and it was good.  although, a few weeks a go we ate at a restaurant called yeah! burger and i don't believe i'll ever have another burger that good again unless we go back there.  it's located right around the corner from ikea, so i'm fine with that.  two birds, one stone.

6 // for coopers valentine goodies i got him five new books, (we both i am so tired of all the books he already has) so it was a gift for the both of us.  he also got a bucket full of bubbles and wands, some candy, and a little john deere tractor.  i love my littlest valentine to unhealthy degrees.  kidding, theres no such thing. 

7 // the highlight of this week will surely be that this is a two-day bachelor special week.  i am really, really into this season.  i had almost sworn off the show forever but i'm glad i tuned into this season because... hey chris. 

8 // i like to start purchasing coopers next season of clothes way ahead of time so i'm not having to buy a whole new wardrobe at one time as soon as the warm weather hits so i've been scouring the sites but hardly any spring/summer lines have dropped yet.  gap has been having banging sales so i did get several short sleeve shirts that should be delivered soon!

okay, enough weekend notes.  here's to a week where i can connect with more than just the mother in me.  it's easy to constantly feel like i'm nothing but a mother because i have cooper with me 24/7 and i'm almost always by myself with him.  maybe it's the weather or the seven pounds i gained but i am feeling entirely burnt out on only feeling like a mother.

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