Wednesday, March 11, 2015


parenting a two year old is like.....

actually, i don't think it's like anything.  it's this thing that's so filled with joy and also so filled with frustration and what i presume drowning feels like.  i need to breathe. but i'm stuck under the water. send help.  it is something that parents can commiserate on and relish in too, of course.  sometimes i feel like it's what dealing with a manic must be life. high --> low --> high --> low.  you get it.  one minute i'm being showered with kisses and "snuggle bears" and then the next minute i'm being slapped in the face and told "you don't tell me what to do! you're mean."

no wonder i (we?) don't feel sane half the time (all the time?) (until after bed time?)

see some babies might be "easy" but my baby was not.  i spent the fix six months of his life standing on my feet bouncing him to put him to sleep.  and to keep him asleep.  he was loud and to my absolute delight has only gotten louder.  it's comes with the territory of being a spirited leader of a child, i suppose.  i was told that a hard baby equals an "easier" toddler and the logistics are there because that sounds fair, right?  well logistics la-smishtics.  "easier" toddler cooper is not.

the wild thing is that i can be so incredibly frustrated with him in one moment and then gushing over him the next.  so maybe it's not him that's the manic one, but me instead.  or love is just blinding.

we are closer to three than two now and i'm happy say that i wouldn't call call this age "terrible twos" but only because i'm getting a glimpse that what three is going to be like and i'm taking a long vacation that year ;)  two has brought a lot of trying things (i'm talking to you potty training) but so many good things too.  with spring finally showing it's pretty head i think we will finish out these last few months of being two on a high note - if he's being ugly, i'll just send him outside and lock the door.

all of this to say that if you feel like you're going insane - being a mother is hard, gosh darnnit - and you probably are.  but the rest of us are too.  mothers are never alone in their feelings about motherhood, i don't think. so rest assured.

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