Thursday, April 30, 2015


Making: nursery bedding, nursery bedding, and more nursery bedding.  business-is-a-boomin'.
Drinking: water and sugar free red bulls - they curb the hunger and are 
Reading: i just finished "the longest ride" (and then dragged eric to the movies to see it with me!) and am still trying to get into "all the light we cannot see".  the reviews for it are phenomenal but it is starting out so incredibly slow for me. i will persevere though!
Wanting: to get my toes in the sand or even a pool will do.  i want five days to relax with no worries except for whether or not we need to reapply more sunscreen!
Watching: nashville! i stopped watching it last season but picked it back up this season and it is good.  
Listening: everything by michael buble.  i'm crazy about it right now. 
Eating: fruity pebbles.  for lunch too! the shame. 
Smelling: all of the flowers blooming.  spring has sprung! 
Wishing: for a smooth transition when we move in june.  so excited to finally be living in a house with a backyard.  so long apartment living!
Enjoying: all of the silence right now as my boy, who asks me "why" questions all day long now, naps.
Loving: everything on pinterest right now.  getting to slowly makeover a whole house has me searching for rugs! white walls! back splashes! office spaces! like a mad woman. 
Hoping: for lots of good things to come our way.  hard-ish times then good times, right? 
Needing: more succulents.  i bought two and now feel an addiction coming on. 
Feeling: psyched that the weekend is just about here.  come to momma!  
Wearing: pants that didn't fit me well at all just a few weeks ago.  i've been back in the gym for 8 weeks now and i'm feeling so good about it! 
Bookmarking: advice on blending families.  not stuff for the weak, yo. 

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