Wednesday, May 27, 2015

weekend recap

summertime in my eyes is family cookouts, lots of swimming, some badminton, day trips to new places, and later bedtimes.  this past weekend was nearly all of that and it felt like the perfect kick-off to what's sure to be a great summer!

friday night // cookout and swimming at erics parents house.  her pool was absolutely freezing but eric so kindly made the sacrifice of near hypothermia to take cooper for a quick swim since he wanted to go in so badly! 

saturday // cooper came along with me for his first (only?) pedicure experience followed up by some mexican food and then an afternoon spent at the neighborhood pool (where i got the worst sunburn of my life).  that night we ate dinner at mystic grill on the square (vampire diaries fans reading this?) and then walked to scoops to get cooper his favorite ice cream - superman with sprinkles!

sunday // my mom and i took cooper to the legoland in atlanta.  it was a total hit with cooper which made it worth the relatively outrageous cost of admission for adults! the 4D show was our favorite until it wasn't and cooper flipped out screaming and then hid his face in my moms shoulder for the rest of the show.  shooting dragons with the laser gun is what he keeps talking about days later so maybe that was his favorite! that night we had a cookout at my parents with some swimming and a little badminton action.  eric and i are a pretty even match, each winning one game a piece ;) my dad completely knocked my socks off with his skillz.

monday // a spontaneous day trip to chattanooga, tn! we got in town just in time for lunch at the terminal - bbq for eric and a delicious turkey, ham + bacon sandwich for me (and pizza for cooper which he didn't like or eat!).  next up was rock city, which we went to last year and really liked.  cooper, ever the champ, walked the whole thing which made it a million times more enjoyable for me.  the views are incredible and the fact that it's all made of rock was a huge win in coopers book.  we hit up the homemade candy store on the way out, pecan maple fudge for eric, a big lollipop and a s'mores stick for cooper, and some sea salt caramel for me! a big bike race was coming through the mountain on our way out so we were stuck in traffic for awhile watching that which was actually pretty cool to see.  on our way through atlanta we stopped off at a restaurant eric loves but i've never eaten at before - fillinis - and the pizza was so. so. so. good.  to end the wonderful day i decided to put on a show and slip on the wet concrete on the way out to the door (it was POURING) and fall under erics truck with cooper in my arms.  it was completely embarrassing being pulled off the ground by two big stranger men but thankfully besides a handful of bruises on me, we are fine.  

all of the late nights mean sleeping in for cooper which is a complete delicacy. it never happens.  it may never happen again.  i enjoyed it while it did though!

if you know me at all you know that i love to be on the go.  seeing, doing, eating, enjoying new things, hanging with family - its all the bees knees! this weekend was right up my alley!

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