Wednesday, July 22, 2015

4th of July

holidays are my favorite days.  i try to go all out and make them as fun for cooper as i can!  my favorite holidays are christmas, halloween, our birthdays, and the 4th of july.  in that order too.

the day started of with rain, rain, and more rain but i was not about to let it rain on our parade, literally.  it was pouring as we walked out the front door, all the way to town, and while we waited 30 minutes for the parade to start.  we loaded into our best friends car and had our friends and her family on both sides with the windows down and umbrellas propped between the cars, hoping so badly that the rain would clear!  just as the parade was about to come through where we were parked the rain completely stopped just like that - and it held off for the entire parade, right until the last horse passed ua and then pouring rain again. it was pretty incredible that it worked out that way!

cooper was not phased by the rain one bit and had the best time waving at everyone in the parade, hearing the sires of the emergency vehicles, and catching the candy being thrown.  parades are absolutely his jam and we have not missed a single one in our area since he's been born! i really love them too. 

after the parade we went down the street to my parents for a little while and then home long enough for a nap and a change of clothes before we headed out to the big shebang that was going on in the square.  just like last year, i was completely impressed with the city of covington - they had so many different food vendors and fun things for the kids to do.  of course the lines were crazy long but we did hit up a few of the activities after grabbing some delicious dinner at Amici's (a buffalo chicken sub with feta for me and a house calazone for eric + bread for cooper).  cooper really wanted to get in the huge blow-up balls on the water, i was convinced that he was going to flip but alas, he did not.  he actually loved it!

my parents were grabbing dinner and drinks on the rooftop of Mystic Grill (vampire diaries fan, anyone?) so we met them up there where my mom and i realized we were twinning! blue jello shots for the twins!

after petting the animals we made our way over to the grass to listen to the live music and then headed down the road to watch the fireworks with our best friends! it was truly the best day (and i'm so glad that three weeks later i'm finally finishing this post!)

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