Thursday, July 16, 2015


it's always been important to me to be able to look back and have memories of the little things.  little things matter so much but can sometimes be easily forgotten.  i especially want to remember the little things that cooper says and does, i know they will be so fun to look back on and share with him!

for the past four or five days now cooper has been consistently calling me "beebee", for the first couple of days it was a mix between mommy and beebee but today it has just been beebee all day.  i think it is his take on "baby" but i'm really not sure, all i know is that it is hilarious to me and so darn cute too.  i'm guessing it won't be something that sticks around for long and honestly, i see myself missing him calling me "mommy" soon - but it's definitely a little thing worth jotting down!

he has been rather incredibly difficult lately and i have found myself yelling at him entirely too much.  four days ago i made the decision to really work on that.  i don't want him covering his ears as soon as he does something he knows he's not supposed to do and i don't want him yelling back at me either.  i love the idea of a calm-ish home atmosphere that is free from yelling as a form of punishment and am ready to put forth the conscious effort to not do it.  the first two days were a smashing success, yesterday i ended up yelling at him three times, and today i think i did once in the truck.  he has had a really hard time today but that's no excuse to get mad at him and yell.  my mom has self-proclaimed herself as a "yeller" and says it runs in our family.... but not for much longer.  i don't want to be a yeller!

tomorrow's friday! whoop!



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