Friday, July 10, 2015


Dear Cooper,

I. Cant. Even.  You were just in my belly, and then turning one, and then turning two, and now THREE.  Already.  How?  To put it simply, you are my world.  I cannot imagine a life without you or a life with you any different than you are.  You keep me smiling, on my toes, stressed out, happy, crazy, and all of the other emotions that exist.  You my dear are spirited.  You teach me each day that I really just need to slow down and sit in the dirt beside you.  Life is all about digging holes and driving tractors, your manta, and it's a pretty good one.  Little tiny things make you so very happy and I really just want to be more like you.

It is undeniable that you are extremely smart to anyone that meets you.  You have a vast vocabulary, can spell words, know all of the sounds of the letters in the alphabet, know all of the planets (when you want to), can count to 20 and beyond (when you want to), have several books memorized, do matching games well, can rhyme words like you were born doing it, and so many more things.  You love to ask me "why?" questions and most of them are hilarious.  Yes you are one funny dude.  You start PreK-3 in four weeks and I can't wait to see how you do with it, I am praying much better than last year.  I am very hopeful that the curriculum will be challenging for you and that you will be on your very best behavior for your teacher.

The third year of your life was incredibly fun and busy.  You got to experience several new things which is my goal for each year of your life, to learn, see, and grow through new experiences.  I am so looking forward to this next year and all that we will get to do together.  We get to spend each and every day together and it is truly the best, I wouldn't trade this blessing of time for the world.

I love you so much and I am so proud of you Cooper Jimmy Jam.  You are my sunshine forever.



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