Wednesday, July 29, 2015


i've been trying to squeeze all of the fun into these last few days before cooper starts preschool so a busy weekend was in order.  so busy in fact that it's now tuesday night and i'm still tired from it!

on friday night we grabbed a quick dinner at subway and then headed to stone mountain for the laser show.  hanging out on the lawn with hundreds of other people never gets old to me, i love people watching and the atmosphere in general.  we watched a glass blowing exhibit which was really cool for the boys for the first fifteen minutes and then saw a short 4D movie which had me a little bug-eyed because... rio is kinda creepy for 3 year olds.  who steals birds anyway?  next up were big ice cream cones that melted entirely too fast and made for sticky every things (i think i'll be carrying a pack of wipes until cooper is 16, literally messiest kid ever)!  once it started to get dark we had to buy some light-up souvenirs (duh!) and cooper wanted the sword, of course.  the next hour was spent telling him that the sword was not a weapon, just a toy.  his brain lacks the ability to retain anything he doesn't want to hear though - funny. 

by the time we got home the kids were conked - them straight to bed and us too!


saturday morning we were up and at 'em bright and early headed to helen, georgia for some tubing down the Chattahoochee river! i've done it just about ever summer since living down south and it is always a summer favorite.  last  year we took cooper and he thoroughly enjoyed it so we decided to give it another whirl and -- success! my boys got the adventure bone like his momma.  we just love to go, go, go.  after tubing we were planning to play mini golf, get dinner, and then maybe ice cream but we were all wiped.  dinner on the river at the laughing troll it was and then into the truck and home we went!


sunday we went to church, swam at nannys, and eric grilled out for dinner.  a good weekend indeed.  

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