Wednesday, August 12, 2015


1// through coopers experience with preschool thus far i am learning a lot about putting myself in his shoes.  some times when he's feeling anxious the night before school or crying at school my heart hurts so bad and other times i feel like we need to do it so just suck it up! but then i remember, he doesn't know anything other than being with me.  some people may not agree with such hands on/attached parenting but it is what i chose to do with him and will do with a future child and i am so thankful that we have been blessed with that option.  being away from me is hard for him.  he is sad and feels uncomfortable in the care of strangers and that is okay! i can imagine being three and in a new environment away from my one soul person that i would feel totally freaked out too.  i think this process is going to be long, i desperately hope it's not, but i'm going to continue to ask for patience and reminders that he needs my reassurance now more than ever.  i always tell him "mommy ALWAYS comes back!" but for some reason he doesn't seem totally sure of it.  we're dealing with some sleep regression as a result of the school/separation anxiety and while i am very familiar with sleep regression, separation anxiety is new to us.  i'm praying for grace upon grace.

2// i have been trying to incorporate pops of color into our living room/kitchen/dining room area (and not doing very well at it!) and decided that when we got our front door we would paint it a beautiful blue, thinking surely it would be the perfect pop of color.  well! the plan has been executed, what do you think!?

3// cooper got to do a couple new things this past few weeks! one, riding on his first big watersides (he LOVED it!) and two, going bowling! we were babysitting a couple weekends ago and i decided to take them all bowling.  i really wasn't sure what cooper would think of it but he had so much fun for the one game he played.  the rest of us played a second game but he was done by that point! 

4// we hosted our second event at our house this past weekend, the first one inside! i was so ridiculously worried about our new couch and even considered putting some sheets on it but decided not to and all was well.  there was one cake incident that shot my blood pressure up just a little - but a little blue dawn dish soap does wonders.  i didn't manage to get any good pictures of the shower but these beautiful flowers made the cut!

5 // cooper wants to be outside all. the.  time.  BUT it's so dang hot.  with school in session now it's a bit different but this summer he has gotten most of his outdoor play time in first thing in the morning when he's just woken up.  at that point its only about 80-85 degrees which is so much more bearable than 95+!

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