Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Day of PreK3

To Cooper James on your first day of school:

Today I left you in the hands of two kind and very capable sets of hands.  I was so excited for you but my heart was sad too.  We have been talking about your "new school" for months and you have mostly been looking forward to it with bits of apprehension here and there.  We went to orientation yesterday and you couldn't wait to see your room and meet your teachers, although I'm not totally sure that you knew what it all meant.  I had been reminding you that when you went to school, mommy wouldn't get to stay, but I think you truly believed that I would be.  This morning I got you up, breakfast made, clothes on, and we were out the door at 8am headed to nannys house for a few pictures with Payton before we headed to the school.  You were happy and seemed ready.

We held hands as we walked across the parking lot and into the building, you knew right where you room was and in we went.  This was the part I was most worried about, what did you think was going to happen next? We put your lunch box in the cubby and hung your backpack up and then you went right to playing with the toys set out on the tables.  This is when mommy made the mistake of telling you bye far more times than necessary and you got upset.  You squeezed my next so very tight and asked me not to leave.  Your teacher swooped in quickly and I pulled myself away.  I called the school an hour later and they said that you had cried for about 15 minutes but were happily eating a snack at that point.  The final report at the end of the day was that you did cry off and on throughout the day but had fun too.  You literally knocked me over when you ran to me as I walked up to the door, oh sweet boy, you sure do love me.  

I know that today was hard for you and I know that the next several days of school will most likely be too.  This is a big adjustment for both of us.  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed the past three years of getting you all to myself but now it is time for you to spread your wings a little bit, and me to loosen my grasp some. I am overjoyed at the idea of you making new friends and learning, I just know you are going to be so great.

I love you more than ever, Cooper Jimmy Jam.



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