Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Field Trip!

since i'm absolutely terrible at keeping up with coopers baby book (one day i'm very seriously going to go through all of my blog posts about cooper and get his baby book up to speed - swear on it!) it is extra important to get it down here.  one birthday or christmas i'll coerce someone who loves me into getting it all printed into a book for me -- ahem -- people reading who love me -- mom? 

yesterday was the day cooper and i have been looking forward to for a couple weeks now, our first field trip together! and to the fire station, at that! neither of us had ever been in a fire station before so not only was cooper on cloud 9, but my interest was peaked as well.  at this particular one they had a huge living room with ten recliners and a huge flat screen tv (along with a full kitchen, several offices that each had twin sized beds in them, and then a huge room with 15 or so sectioned off tiny rooms that each had twin sized beds, little tv's, and lockers) - it was essentially a big house which was interesting to me.  we had a little bit of a rough start to the day so cooper was extra clingy at first but quickly warmed up to the fire fighters and all they had to tell us about it.  he got a huge kick out of all of the fire gear, sparky the (mascot) dog, and getting to climb into the truck!

he has the sweetest little class and i was so glad to finally meet all of his classmates and their parents! we walked back to his school after taking some group pictures and then ate some popsicles before breaking out of there a little early.  there was no way cooper was going to let me leave him there after all that excitement. he truly hates being away from me and it is the sweetest thing.  i know the day is coming where he couldn't careless where i am in proximity to him so i'm savoring it while i can. 

cooper got a haircut today after school and now we are ready for a fun weekend! rodeo numero 6 here we come!

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