Thursday, September 10, 2015


if you come to our house you will likely hear the star of the show before you even get to our front door and knock.  he will know you are coming because i can never keep my mouth shut about visitors  and he will have been driving me crazy since the moment his feet hit the ground in the morning.  as soon as you knock he will run to open the door and entertain no other thoughts besides the one that you are here to play with him.  and more specifically that you have come to play drums with him.  he will pull you up the stairs and tell you he can't wait to play with you but lest you sit in front the drums and you will be banished! the only way to play drums with him is to not play drums at all and watch him play.  he will likely offer you the chance to play one of erics million guitars though, so a jam session will happen without a doubt.  

i know you're just dying to come over for a visit!

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