Sunday, September 13, 2015


today we went to our very first birthday party of a classmate.  there was a lot of anticipation leading up to this party because a) cooper loves birthday parties and b) cooper loves birthday parties.  he knew whose party it was and was ready to party it up with her!  we went to target last night after dinner so cooper could pick out her gift and card.  he was so sure that she would want a bulldozer but i was able to sway him into a doc mcstuffins vet doctor kit that would be a little more up her alley, according to her mom.

so the party started at one and the birthday girl + family didn't get there until 1:30 this is weird right?
my niece was there too since her and cooper are in the same class and both of them were so excited to see her.  "let's play ___! let's play!" ---- "no! you're not my friend" --- runs away.  que the tears from payton because she is the sweetest when it comes to her friends.  she literally wants to be friends with everyone.  this scenario played out no less than five times and her little heart got broken over and over again.  cooper didn't quite understand so he would just chase her as she ran away from them.  sad face. 

the beginning of the party was free play in the bounce house area and then we went into the party room for pizza, cake, and presents so I couldn't tell who all was a part of the party or who the birthday girls mom even was.  It didn't take long to figure it out though and let's just say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  i want to take parenting on with a whole new mindset from here on out simply because of this experience.


i really think it should be a movement.  in a way maybe it already is but is the banning bullies thing even still a thing?  i didn't know this but it starts really young, guys.  this was a newly four year old who was telling secrets and purposely and mindfully excluding her other friends/classmates.  it starts at home and it is important.  we are the example of kindness or lack thereof.  we're responsible for teaching our kids everything and it seems impossible and maybe it is.  so i'm going to try to prioritize the really important things i want to instill in cooper.

1) God loves you and you are good.  You will do good, you are filled with love and good, and you will go places because of it. 

2) Kindess is always the best response.  Always.

3) You can do hard things.  There will be mountains and you will navigate them with your village that you have surrounded yourself with.  All of the best things are worth fighting for so follow your heart. 

4) Manners.  Always have them and use them!

5) You can't sit back and wait for life to come to you or happen for you.  If you want it, work for it. 

maybe they aren't in the right order and maybe there are a bunch more but I think this is a good start and I think I can instill these things in cooper by being and doing those things myself as well as verbalizing them to him.  i've always heard and been told that the key to a happy and lasting marriage is to marry a kind man.  simple as that because if he's kind he's got the other good traits too.  i want cooper to be kind first and foremost, i'm going to raise him to the be the kind of man that people enjoy and want to be around.  it's such a big job but being aware is the first step!

but yeah, kids are jerks and i really don't want mine to be one of 'em (because he's totally not right now but i could see how easily and quickly it could happen!).

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