Wednesday, September 9, 2015


i'm huge on getting the family together to eat whenever possible so on holidays it's a for sure things.  case in point, i opted for no birthday present from my parents this past year in exchange for them taking everyone out to eat together. devotion right there!  i just really love togetherness.  and grilled food.  my dad manned the grill this go around with some hot dogs and hamburgers, low key and perfect.

things to take in about this picture:

+ cooper and payton sitting next to each other and not scratching each others faces off, thank you preschool!
+ my plate being just about empty minus three chips while everyone else's is still full, ever since cooper was a newborn i have been a devourer of food - i got used to only having 1 minute to eat between a newborns screaming fits.
+ my sisters RBF (resting bitch face), she suffers from bad (sorry ally, but the evidence is in the picture)
+ erics pink paci, i make him take it out while we eat ;)
+ coopers big smile, at least one of them knows what to do when the camera (phone) gets pulled out #raisedhimright

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