Wednesday, September 16, 2015


first and foremost, i learned how to fishtail braid my own hair.  this is a pretty major feat given that i can only do two things with my hair: 1)mom bun 2)blow-dry + straighten it.  it was a pretty huge undertaking that involved six different youtube videos that i had to rewind far to many times to admit and me standing in front of my mirror for thirty straight minutes trying to get my brain to open up a little and figure it out.  i have no idea why this concept was so hard to wrap my brain around but... it twas. so anyway, if you're interested in learning how to fishtail braid your own hair, i'm now an expert on it.


so we had plans to go to the yellow daisy festival at stone mouton and then there was all of this stuff on social media about #blacklives matter and a bunch of people being killed at the yellow daisy festival.  okay, never mind on that plan.  but then thousands of people were showing up for the festival and all was well so, let's go.  me, cooper, my mom, and payton loaded up and hit the road excited to visit a new festival.  holymillionandonepeople.  we waited in traffic forever, cooper had to pee, had to pull over in the huge line of traffic and try to discretely let him relieve himself, finally made it inside the gates, waited in more traffic, had to park 2 miles away, thankfully caught a shuttle bus. phew. made it.

my mom doesn't think it was worth the hassle but i do! beautiful weather, hundreds of booths filled to the brim with beautiful creations, delicious food (hotdogs! corn on the cob! funnel cakes! pickles! gelato! cheese fries! homemade candy and desserts! and more!), live music, and happy people everywhere.  i had a blast taking it all in, watching the kids take it all in, and explaining to cooper what artists were.  we got to talk to a painter who made incredible work (that we could never afford) and cooper was completely fascinated.  i hope he will grow up well rounded and be able to appreciate all of the many different talents different people have.

i sadly didn't end up buying anything but food (what does this say about me?) but i will definitely be back next year! everyone was given yellow reusable bags to put their goodies in when you walk through the entrance, even the littles one which was super fun for them. i've always loved being in large crowds of people - it energizes me (unlike my mom) so this festival was right up my alley!

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