Monday, October 12, 2015

Dear Cooper (3+3)

Hi buddy! (you're three years and three months old for my own record)

This morning you were in the second car wreak of your life.  Just like the first time you were in the car with me and we were rear ended.  One of my hugest fears is you getting in a wreck while in the car with someone else and you getting severely injured.  It literally keeps me up at night sometimes.  I can't believe we've been spared from injury together twice now.  Both accidents were "minor" with no serious damage to my car or out bodies but immediately after they both happened I was afraid to turn around and look at you, I did right away of course, but I have this terrible vision in my head of your being hurt.  It can steal my breath right away if I let it. Your emotions are so tightly wound with mine, and mine with yours, that when I screamed and started crying you began to, too.  You were crying for me to stop though "it's okay momma! don't cry momma! STOP CRYING MOMMA!" You can't stand to see me upset.  I can't stand to see you upset though either and can't even begin to count how many times I've cried because you were hurt, sad, or crying.

So here's to no more wrecks for us, okay? Seriously my heart can't handle it.

At three years and three months okay you are amazing.  You're so gosh darn funny and you really make everyone laugh.  I keep track of the funny things you say in a running list on my phone.  I want to be able to tell you about them someday.  Right now you can't wait to get big so you can climb a ladder and have a mustache.  You say that you are going to look in the mirror and laugh at your silly mustache.  I die laughing at the thought of you with a mustache, I can't even imagine it.  You also say that you're going to go to college so you can buy a tractor.  I'm totally on board with that plan - please go to college son.

You're learning so much in your little preschool (First Baptist Academy).  You still cry every morning  when I walk you to your classroom but you're always smiling when I pick you up and you tell me that you had a great day.  You're learning so much about God and the Bible and I'm so overjoyed with it.  We have implemented the prayer that you say before lunch at school into our daily meals, it's great.  "Thank you Father, thank you Father, for our food, for our food.  And our many blessings, and our many blessings. Amen.  Amen." I taught you the B-I-B-L-E song last week and you love to sing it.  You have gotten really good at cleaning up your toys and mess which I know school has helped with. You also know your days of the weeks now and ask me a million times a day what time it is now.  At home we've started working on sight words because you've known all the letters and their sounds for about a year now.  You have all the tools to learn how to read down except for maybe the patience part.

I can't possible get down all that you know and are doing now.  When I think about the things that stand out the most about you they are 1) your love for you momma 2) how absolutely wild and full of energy you are 3) how much you talk (you've never stopped talking since you started!) 4) your love for the outdoors (you always want to be outside either at your "job site", the park, or riding in your truck or tractors 5) your fascination with construction vehicles 6) your love for your people (mommy, nanny, eric, payton, auntie ally, poppy, etc.) You are so amazing to me.

I love you more than ever!


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