Monday, December 14, 2015

Lately (a really, really, really picture filled post)

i always step away from this little space for far too long.  it will be impossible to get caught all the way up but here's what we've been up to! (not even remotely in order since the pictures loaded all wonky!)

i was ready to get a tree as soon as the calendar turned to november but a) home depot didn't have their trees yet and b) eric thought we should wait until after thanksgiving.  i was so excited to get that darn thing up and decorated and i love keeping the lights on 24/7.  it makes our house feel so nice and cozy.

coopers preschool class had their christmas program on 12/3 and it was the cutest thing i have seen to date.  it was fifteen minutes long but the kids sang or did the hand moves or whatever the director had them do for the whole 15 minutes and it was really impressive.  i couldn't believe how much cooper has memorized. 

12/3 was also the day that my big sister got engaged! after seven (or more?) long years of dating and patiently waiting, woody finally popped the question.  my sister is over the moon, and so am i, for her.  they're planning a destination wedding so it looks like we will be going on a fun vacation in the relatively near future!

i have a list of things i like to do each holiday season and decorating cookies (at least once) is definitely on that list! cooper loves it and so do i.  eric happily participated too in decorating his cookies.. and then eating them all :)

in november nine of my family members, including us, flew up to boston and then drove to new hampshire and vermont to throw my nana a surprise 80th birthday.  it was a really special time but spending so many days in really tight quarters can wear on a person, we were glad to come home when the time came!

our first night in new hampshire we met a whole bunch of our family at the local bowling alley and then went to get pizza after.  

can you tell we're sisters? probably not! we all look so different.
the next day, sunday, was party day! 50+ family members showed up to eat delicious food and celebrate my nana.

at some point or another we were running early for work so we stopped into the starbucks where i got a hot chocolate that tasted horrible and cooper a donut, that he didn't like either, which is really saying something.  we're dunkins people all the way, so nonblogger-ish, i know i know. 

cooper had to have a small procedure done on his molar.  there was such much anticipation leading up to it, i couldn't talk about it without crying.  it ended up being fine but i am so glad it's over.

our second visit with santa for the season! cooper was really excited but shy about it.  he told santa what he wanted and then hopped right now. 

cooper was not happy about me and eric going on a date and him not getting to go on one so a few days later i took him on a date to paint pottery.  he chose two ornaments and a plate and did a wonderful job on them. 

this trader joes garland has our house feeling so festive!

on thanksgiving day we ate a quick meal at my parents and then we all loaded up and spent the day at stone mountain.  the light the town completely with christmas lights and it was so beautiful to see.  we got to see santa there for the first visit of the season, see a play, watch the christmas parade, go on a train ride, drink hot cocoa, listen to christmas stories, and watch a 4D movie.  a fun time for all! the next day we went to erics parents house for their big thanksgiving dinner and it was so, so good. 

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